Saturday, July 28, 2007

I can't help myself!!

Okay, so, I'm posting more than 5 here. I can't seem to stop picking favorites. I guess that is an okay problem, but still!!:) I'm a little behind on getting this one posted, so I apologize. I just realized that I moved forward and never looked back. So, enjoy.:)
Disclaimer: No particular order!!

1) This little one is only a month old, but look at those clear eyes. Her momma told me she always curls her hands up by her face, so I think this is why I love it. Sure, she has her pacifier in her mouth, but, seriously, who doesn't these days??!:) To me, the print of the dress was too distracting in color, so the black and white version made the list.

2) Here is the proud and oh-so-giggly big sister. I love the laughter and moreso, the dimple in her right cheek. Seriously, how pretty is she!!?
3) I want to keep this little girl. I love the coy look, the tucked chin, the light in her eyes. And for you photographers, check out that bokeh!!:) Seriously, I do want to keep her in my pocket. 4) How sweet is this momma with her girls? The whole feel of this image warms my heart (and kind of makes me want to hang out with my mom:)). There are a lot of things going on in the picture, but the smiles are worth it all.

5) Miss 'H' was one of the first babies I ever photographed. That tiny squirmy little baby is growing up into a lovely little girl. I know she's not looking at me, which is a shame because her eyes are stunning... BUT... I love the sweet shy look and the determined stance of her chin. And quite honestly, I'm super jealous of her hair.:) 6) The challenge with kiddos this age is to get them to "forget" about the camera. In this case, I started asking them questions about the other one.... i.e., "What is "A's" favorite thing to eat for breakfast?" Stuff like that. They would think for a minute, look at each other and have the most natural expressions on their faces. I think it worked!:)

7) This is one of those small miracle kind of images for me. When I took it, I was so focused on getting a good expression on the momma, and getting both of the older girls in it, that I failed to notice the sweet smile on the baby's face as well. To me, it's perfection, and I could probably NEVER do it again if I tried!! hehe:)
8) Three little monkeys climbing on the tree... I love this. I'm a black and white girl, but LOVE the color here. There is a LOT of personality represented here and it just makes me smile. (And wish I had a whole handful of little girls growing up in my house! SHH, don't tell my husband.:)) There's my rambling for the day!! Happy weekend, everyone!


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

i see why you can't help yourself. these are FAB!
i honestly think you should enter "all girls smiling" pic in a contest cause that smiling baby will win it in a heartbeat!

Heidi said...

LOVE #6 - those expressions you captured are great! Wonderful job on these!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

lovin' the picture banner up at the top. it brings so much life to your page!

if only i knew how to bring life to my page :).