Friday, October 26, 2007

Holiday Cards...

No pressure, ladies, but seriously I BETTER get one of your cards. hehe:) Seriously, how cute are these? (for you photogs, check out the amazing Tina Parker (with the exception of the 3rd one) for her designs!) Jenn and I worked on these last night and both decided that any one of these in our mailboxes would make us so happy. So... you can think about it and let me know. :)
You have the option of a flat card or a folded card sized at 5x7 on high quality press printed paper with envelopes included. They are priced at $75 for a box of 24 for the folded cards, and $55 for the flat. They really are a work of art. :)


A Thousand Words Photography said...

these are beautiful joni!

Nicole said...

Hey Joni,

Just posting to reveal myself - I found your blog just recently. I'm also a photographer that's been working side jobs for a few years now and looking to make it my main source of income. I love your work and website - very inspirational.

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

i LOVE these!
i'm gonna have to break down & purchase some year. too late for that now :).

i hope i get one in my mailbox from you!!!