Monday, November 26, 2007

Grab some coffee and pull up a chair.:)

I don't always have a chance to get personal on here, and I really don't have time to now, except that I need a break. Just a quick one. :)

Jason and I had the pleasure of going away for a WHOLE weekend (NO KIDS!) the first weekend of November. See, I turned 30 this year... that's kind of a big deal around here, or at least it felt like it to me! I'm so blessed to do something that I LOVE and to have so many supportive friends and people in my life. But this b-day was a little different... it kind of felt symbolic, in a weird sort of way. It's that whole "Am I where I want to be in my life now?" thing. (don't you hate that?!?:)) And my answer is yes and no. Yes, I do what I love, and NO I'm not good with boundaries and saying no. I guess life is a constant learning process, huh? Anyway, the other part about my b-day this year was that we didn't *really* get to celebrate it right. My b-day was on Thursday the 4th (Oct) and I shot weddings on the 5th AND the 6th. And the 7th was CRASH day.:) As much as I loved shooting the weddings, next year... NO weddings close to my b-day!:) I think that is now in our marriage vows. Fast-forward to our weekend getaway.... that, even being a month later, was to celebrate... to unwind.... to reintroduce ourselves... and to just breathe.
Okay, so I CAN'T completely turn off the creativity switch for a WHOLE weekend. So, instead, I looked for things of beauty... things that represented calm for me.... and THIS.... is what I came up with. Enjoy.... southern Indiana, thru my eyes.:)

yeah, I know. I can't believe I just posted a picture of myself. But it makes me laugh because I look like I'm 16... except for the stay-up-till-2am-working dark circles under my eyes!! (remember my boundaries issue?) I have to give Jason credit for this one. Great shot, babe.:)

This is Socks. My horse friend that I rode for 45 minutes around the most peaceful, deer-jumping pasture. (Jason's horse's name was Polly... isn't that funny?? No? ok, maybe just to us. hehe) This is at an old graveyard. I'm always drawn to old historic places. I really wanted some sunflare shots. We had the prime fall colors weekend. It was gorgeous. Here you can see a teeny tiny bit of sunflare behind the cross, which I love.
And I am a hoosier girl, born and raised on IU basketball. This goal was just standing there in the middle of nowhere begging for a picture. um... ok, I said!!:)
And seriously, ladies... what is sexier than a man in the kitchen!?? He made me a yummy yummy breakfast complete with the perfect cup of coffee. mmmm.

Playing around with depth of field. Yep, that's my hand.
And here's where we holed up. No tv, just music and the most wonderful fireplace. And bonus.... an outdoor hottub.
Again, just playing around.
I love fall colors.

Thanks for making it this far!:) Sometimes I think I love still photography. Have you SEEN the toddlers I chase!?:)
Have a good week.
And to my brides: check out your galleries because I've started adding some images as of Sunday.:)


Anonymous said...

Oh, good for you, Joni, for getting away. It is so necessary but sometimes so hard to fit in! I love the picture of you, you look just like you did 15 years ago! :) Still gorgeous....
Have a great night!
Jackie G.

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

wonderful post!
getting away is so rejuvinating!
some of your pictures have "x's" & i sure would love to see jason in the kitchen, so please fix that little problem asap :)-.
(like you have nothing better to do, right?)

the shot of you is so stinkin' cute! turnin' 30 ain't so bad when you look as young as you do! (i don't like you very well!!!)

the nature stuff is scrumptious. blowing any of these up?

love you,