Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One of my FAVORITE things....

is FOOTBALL!!! I love everything about it. My girlfriends think I'm CRAZY. Sorry, girls... you are MISSING out!! If I am being honest, I probably prefer to watch it from the comfort of home where I can use my handy-dandy TIVO and pause the game to breathe and remind myself that IT IS JUST A GAME (especially during play offs!!). BUT.... that being said, there's nothing like being at the Dome when it's rockin' on a Sunday afternoon. I've been lucky to go two times this season and have amazing seats both times. I thought I would share some pictures for fun.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with your families!! I'm looking forward to the new year to get the ball rolling again!!!:) (ok, after just a FEW more naps. hehe:)

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