Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another visit to my favorite place... The Flying Cupcake!

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't wait for you all to see these. I had the pleasure of meeting these two cuties to help them celebrate turning one. Happy Birthday, M and G! :) First of all, you all know that I am SOOOO a black and white kind of girl, but these dresses BEG for color. This may be my first all color post!;)

If you have not had a chance, PLEASE head over to The Flying Cupcake, located off of 56th and Illinois. ( A huge thanks to the staff, and especially Gigi for helping us out in the midst of your Saturday rush. As you will see from my post tomorrow, these two sweethearts REALLY enjoyed their cupcakes!

But before we let them get too sugary, we had to get some fun shots in those super fun dresses. And let me just say, for being such a dreary cold day in Indiana, these girls added a splash of sunshine and happiness to everyone who saw them.

1) Love the dresses, the shoes, the stance... everything.
2) This little bakery is THE place to be. The colors are fresh and cheerful, and I'm in love with their vintage chairs! Love this shot of them together. I really thought twins at age 1 would be such a challenge to keep together, but this chair did the trick!

3) This is done in my signature 1:2 crop... I love their little fingers peeking over the top and the personalities that seem to come through their expressions. Plus, how could you not love that toothy grin!?
4) This may be my favorite family shot ever. We all know it's not really about the parents in these types of shots, but it's nice to have everyone all together regardless. And how about that snarly grin!? I'm thinking she may have been roaring like a tiger.
5) Sigh.... doesn't Daddy look so proud and so very blessed? I love this. I would also love it in black and white, but in the interest of time....
6) Here's another signature crop. This would be displayed as a 10x20 mounted print. I love it, the expressions... the happiness. All of it. :)
There will be a whole post dedicated to the "DEVOURING" of the cupcakes so stay tuned! You will NOT want to miss this. :)

Thank you to the D family for just being so darned cute!

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