Monday, April 28, 2008

I love "almost 4" year olds.;)

This little guy became famous last summer for his pool time antics with his daddy. His daddy threw him waaaaayyyy up in the air above the water and mr. E looked RIGHT at the camera. That will always be one of my very favorite images, perfect timing, perfect expression. (it is on my website)

Anyway... he's growing up fast... in fact, he's turning 4 tomorrow and is hoping for a Batman appearance at his party next weekend. I can't wait to hear how that might turn out! hehe:) Speaking of superheroes.... he is the EXPERT. I got to meet not one, not two, but 34 of his little 'friends'. He made me laugh because he was just so, well, boyish. So, mr. E, thanks for a fun morning. I can't wait to hang out with your little brother this summer!

(brace yourself, there are a lot. I can't seem to stop.)
soooo concerned about that little scrape on his knee.... I thought for a split second we were going to have to call the whole thing off.:)

Yep. That's right, the superhero KING. Mr. E counted 27, and Mom counted 34.
(Psst. neighbors, next time can you please move your car? j/k :))
Ok, not really kidding. But I still love love love this shot. (and this crazy lens!)

Mr. Gap model.

Cute kid, cute room, crazy lens.
He told me he wasn't allowed to jump on the bed, so I had to "clear" this shot with Mom and Dad! What a good boy!

His world.
This makes me smile every time I look at it. Make sure to see the teeny-tiny 'person' he's talking to.
Next time, I'll try to contain myself!;) Hey Mom, I'm thinking a collage of some of these superhero shots is a must have.
Happy B-day, E!


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

oh yeah - i remember THAT shot!
i'm so in love with these too though! i think my favorite is the one with the car in the background... it kinda adds to the feel of "my neighborhood"... kwim?
i am LOVIN' your fish eye lens joni - seriously, you ROCK it girl!
mom & dad are going to die over these!!!

Andrea said...

Joni - those are some of the MOST amazing shots you have ever done...

And I am SERIOUSLY biased but still...

girl...that one of Mr E and his 34 superhero's on the driveway??!!!

I'm crying.....

Momma of four boys w/ several hundred superheros under my roof

Joni Streit Photography said...

Andrea, I had a gut feeling you might enjoy these.:)
Thanks, Mary... I'm LOVING the fisheye. It opens up such fun possibilities. I can't wait to shoot with it at receptions!;)