Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warning: May Induce Severe Baby Fever.....

I had the honor of spending time with this new little family of 3. Of course that's fun for me, but it was even more special because the sweet momma is one of my 'oldest' (and certainly smartest... hehe:)) friends. We go waaaaaay back, as in 6th grade WAY back. I'm so happy for her. She's married an incredible guy and is truly an amazing person. They will make fantastic parents. I kind of wish I could be one of their children. So, M and E, enjoy!!! :)

1) The love and tenderness in this image is so moving to me. This little girl is so safe in her daddy's arms. What's not to love?

2) Yeah...... I totally got her to smile. (just indulge me here):)
3) Perfect family, perfect moment.
4) Are you kidding me? I love the eye contact. You should have seen me trying to get this shot and getting my lens stuck between the rungs of the crib! eek.
5) There will NEVER be a newborn post on this blog withOUT baby feet! sigh...
6) Lovin' on her momma. The hand cradling her head makes me so happy.
7) Head to toe perfection. (photog friends, this is with softbox :))
8) Those pouty lips are going to be my undoing here!! You guys are fantastic snugglers!! :)
Congratulations! I can't wait for you to see them all. And by the way, it is absolutely expected that if you are on the south side for any type of appointment, I AM to be the designated babysitter (I think it's in my contract). Just in case you didn't know that. :)


JAG Family Photography said...

Wow, I love your pictures! That baby is too sweet!!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!