Friday, September 19, 2008

Wall Display Example!

I've totally been meaning to share these with you, as this set was one of my favorites that you all sent in to me. You may remember this fabulous session from the Flying Cupcake last spring. The following is what their super cool dad sent in to me:

"The girls LOVE to stand on the couch and point at their pictures and yell 'Babies!'

If you ever want to hear twins yell 'babies' repeatedly for 30 minutes, stop by my house.


Looks awesome, guys! Thank you for sending these to me. I'll see you next weekend for my mini-session "blitz" (as my football-loving husband likes to call it.:))

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1 comment:

Duster72 said...

The wall display looks crazy in the picture due to the angle of the camera, but I assure you all the pictures are level and do not look crooked in real life. :)

Thanks, Joni.