Friday, May 15, 2009

Again. I love babies. | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Mixing two of my favorite things in life turned into a pretty nice day last week.  Babies... and my photography girlfriends. :)  I am so thankful for this group of girls.  All three in the first image are all first-time mommas (wow I just totally felt OLD).  I love hearing them all talk about their babies... it takes me back a few years.  :)  Anyway... just wanted to share some of the favorites of the day.

1) Babies should be scared of multiple photographers! :)  We hover.  We can't help it.
2) For being so little, this little man holds his head up so well. I love proud momma in the background.
3)  See what I mean? He is so strong and so very alert.
4) A, you will do this many many times over again. Love that we caught it.
5) This hazy sleepy picture made me think of the first 2 weeks (3 months??? ) of being a new mom.  All you think about is 1) how much you love your new baby, but 2) how SLEEPY you are and 3) how MUCH you wish he/she would just sleep when you can.   Precious moments, to be certain, but often hazy in our memory, right?
6) And this little cutie is a bit older, and so expressive with her eyes.  Loved her!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Lisa Johnson said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there with our new foster daughter. She is only 3 weeks old and just precious!! Of course we hope to be able to adopt her one day!!

I love all of these pictures, but the one I have to comment on is the new profile picture. Gorgeous!!!