Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maternity | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

I love the chance to spend time with couples who are looking forward to the arrival of their first child.  This couple made me laugh and were so warm and inviting.  They even offered to go buy me diet coke! :)  I can't wait to meet your new little guy. You have so very much to look forward to!  Enjoy...

1) Love this little peek into life as an expectant momma.    Who DOESN'T look at this book? :)
2) Aren't her eyes amazing!? I had to get one shot just because.
3) Quite possibly my favorite maternity image ever... I can admit that sometimes these sessions feel a little uncomfortable for everyone.... but once laughing, that feeling goes away and the cuteness comes out! 
4) sigh.... :)
5) Love the light in your house!
6) It won't be long.... :)
7) Snuggle!!
8) So happy for you guys!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


The McCrary Family said...

This is our beautiful cousin and her wonderful husband . . . and of course our extremely cute baby cousin, too! You did a wonderful job capturing their happiness that we all get to enjoy so much, their infectious laughter and yes, her eyes are amazing!! She gorgeous!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

awwww, i miss having a belly on me :(. i love the laughing shot by the crib. way to go!