Saturday, June 20, 2009

N + A Wedding Part 2 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

As promised, here are more of my favorites from my last wedding...

1) This is right after the ceremony and they were sneaking off for a few minutes to themselves.  Love the expressions!
2) Just loved the angle here.... and seriously with the car???? HOW FUN!!!
3) Little sister to the rockstar flower girls....   Click larger to check out her lashes.  SO not fair!!
4) Proud father/chauffeur..... :)
5) Sigh.... love the old classic feel.
6) Isn't she lovely???
7) Personally I love the moment RIGHT before a kiss.... the "almost kiss". 
8) Quite possibly one of the best billboards ever!!! :)  So fun.
Thanks again, guys!!! I hope you are enjoying wedding #2 in Mexico!!! :)


BantaBanter said...

Love the baby! Love the billboard photo! Great pics Joni

Heidi said...

I love the feel to these...kind of an old-time glamour feel! GREAT work!