Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun | Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer

These two crazy boys are some of my favorite little guys.... You may recognize them.  I began photographing their family when the youngest was a newborn and WOW they have grown up! Anyway, thank you for always welcoming me into your lives....  You already know how I feel about you all! :)

Here are some of my favorites from the day...

1) Could they be any cuter???
2) This was a harder shot than you might think! ha!! :)
3) I may need this printed for myself... how sweet!
4) I can absolutely not believe he is going to be in kindergarten this fall.  And he giggle and rolled his eyes appropriately when I asked him about cute girls.  Oh my!!
5) Can you believe his eyes?  I think he is so mischievous!!  Love that.
6) All families should have a tiki bar to have family portraits taken on! :) You guys are TOO sweet!
7) I wish I could remember what we were discussing here, but doesn't it look like I am being lectured? hmmm.  :)
8) You guys know you will have 2 heartbreakers on your hands, right??
9) There is something so boyish about this that makes me smile.

10) And are you KIDDING me??????  You may remember a very similar shot from a few summers ago of this little man's older brother.  I think we got it again, Dad!! :)  So happy with this.
Thank you for a lovely morning that reminded me why I love my job, yet again.

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Lisa Johnson said...

Perfection!! I might have to have that same print myself!!