Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Baby Boy | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I was so happy to visit my new friends to meet their sweet little guy... who really is NOT so little!:) At a week old, he was so alert for the first half of our time together.  It was the perfect mix of awake and asleep for this baby-loving photographer! :)  My favorite thing about new parents is how they get so emotional... you know it is a good sign when you look up from taking a photograph to see tears in Momma's eyes!! I just wanted to hug you all! :)  He is perfect and you are a lovely little family that I am so happy to know.

Here are some of my favorites from your session...

1) K, I think you look so beautiful here... so peaceful and joyful.
2) It would not be a good newborn session for me if I didn't have a good hand picture.
3) Why YES!! I DO have the best job in the world when I get to put a baby to sleep and get them all snuggly.  Love that part of my job! :)
4) Don't you kind of want to snuggle with him!??
5) Look at those teeny tiny toes!!
6) Smiles for Daddy!!
7) Snuggles for Mommy! 
8) Sweet new family!
9) Can you believe that little pout!?
10) Eyes for his daddy!  Love the sweet light.
Thank you again, guys! :)  


Linda C said...

These pictures are so beautiful!! Of course this family is beautiful -so that helps:)

Baby's Great Aunt Linda here and no I am not partial...well maybe a...lot!:)

Seriously wonderful shots!

Linda C

Heidi said...

Lovely work, Joni! Your lighting is so soft and natural, just perfect for a newborn. The hand and foot photos are awesome!!