Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guaranteed to make you smile | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Sometimes people are brought into your life for a reason. My friend Kayla was so clearly put into my life to make me laugh at the most RANDOM times. I love her for that, and so when the opportunity to photograph her sweet family came, that really was the least I could do. She is one of my 2nd shooters for weddings and so she knew exactly what look she wanted for her session... in a word... COLORFUL. :) Thank you, H family, for a fun morning that kept me smiling every time I thought of your sweet little red headed firecracker later.

1) Can you believe these colors?? Loved this look. Great planning, girl!
2) So, which person here do you think is the MOST mischievous???
3) This little guy has amazing eyes.
4) Proof that Kayla IS a photographer. THIS is normal behavior for photographers' children. Trust me.
5) Love the tights. Love the shoes. Love this girl.
6) Her big brown eyes are so inquisitive and warm. And this top secret location was a dream.

7) Yes, they are eating giant cookies and are as happy as can be. Kids are so easily pleased, aren't they?
8) "I'm gonna need just ONE more minute to eat my cookie... THEN I will cooperate".

This just makes me laugh. Every time. LOVE my job.
9) This image evokes a lot of feelings for me personally, but look how trusting she is.
10) This one would be huge in my house. I'm just saying. :)
Did you smile??

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Lisa Johnson said...

I smiled real big!!! And I have a pic of Joshua that looks JUST like #4!! Same face and all!! It was for his 3 yr old pictures and he was all dressed up handsome. Of course by the time we got to the location, he was only wearing his white t-shirt and jeans. :)