Wednesday, November 25, 2009

busy little man | Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer

The best compliment I really can ever receive is when a family asks me to come back to photograph them again. Their first session with me last year was one of the easiest. Like... EVER. I will just say the jump from 1 to 2 makes a huge difference. :) Despite the chasing, it was so fun to see how much little B has changed and grown. Thank you, again, for the warm welcome and the laughs. Here are some of my favorites...

1) He's got things to do! I love seeing Mom in the background.
2) Of course with the hands...
3) I think he looks mischievous.... and it makes me laugh. Because he is. :)
4) His hair is SO cute.
5) I know it is just inside your garage, but I love this daddy moment and how you can tell he just thinks he is SO big. (B, not daddy. :))
6) B, I'm SO sorry to take you away from your tv time. I'm certain the next image is him pointing to the remote control with a teeny tiny pout. Poor guy!
7) The next 3-4 images need to go together. I'm just saying. I LOVE family in the bed shots. You add in a guitar and a snuggly little guy and I am SOLD.
8) S, I LOVE the way you are looking at A here.

9) Seriously. Sigh....
10) I think we wore him out. (or maybe both ways. :)) This is such a classic mommy moment, and I'm glad we caught it.
Thanks again, L family! :) I can't wait to see you next time!

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