Sunday, December 20, 2009

David and Maggie Wedding Part 2 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

I am posting way more than usual, but since I have that family thing going on here, it's hard to narrow down. :)
1) Meet my dad. And my beautiful 94 year old Grandma.

2) And the cutest ringbearer and flowergirl....
3) I mean, seriously.... isn't he so fun??
4) And my brother and I sharing a look that I will always remember.
5) And my beautiful new sister making her big entrance...
6) And my speechless (for once) brother.... :)
7) The bigger picture...
8) Love that I could shoot from this angle. (and hide easily)
9) One of the most talented guys from one of the most musically talented families I know. This song was my undoing. :)
10) Brother of the bride... and 2 of my nephews in there.
11) My baby brother there..... you recognize him from his wedding in August. Now he thinks he is a "pro" at this wedding deal. :)
12) Could you BE more lovely?
13) I will never forget this moment. You know why.
14) I love that kid. He makes me laugh.
15) Love the dreamy light.
16) The amazing parents of the bride.... possibly a wee bit emotional. :)
17) Meet my mom. Also my dad and grandma in the picture. I think this was during the song that was so very moving.
18) Why does he always smirk at me!??? :)
19) Yay!!! I have a new sister!! :)
20) Possibly one of my favorite shots ever.
21) And are you kidding me? You guys look amazing.
Wedding will be done by Wednesday and up on the website for those family members checking. :)

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

oh these were so breathtaking! i can't even imagine what it'd be like to shoot my baby brother's wedding... i think i'd be sobbing too much! ha!

and out of curiosity - what was the song that was your undoing?

you are so talented Joni! every time i visit your blog, you inspire me!