Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Newest Sister | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

One of the great things about BOTH of my brothers getting married this year, is that I was lucky enough to not just get one, but TWO amazing and beautiful sisters out of the deal. So thankful for both you and N, and all the ways you both make me laugh. (N, how's your shoulder?:))

Anyway, I had the chance to do a private bridal session with M a week before the wedding. I knew she would be a beautiful bride..... and I also knew that my little brother was NOT going to be prepared for her coming down the aisle. He wasn't. :) But more about that later.

Words aren't really needed. M, welcome to our crazy family. You are beautiful and funny. Sensitive and compassionate. and I love your random texts. :)

Can you believe her!??? D, she's out of your league by a long shot, bro. love you.:)