Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She's growing up... | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

I haven't posted photographs of my own kiddos for awhile. When the snow came down last weekend, my daughter was playing (actually 'shoveling' the driveway by herself...) in the snow and she just looked so beautiful to me. It seems every time I look at her, she has grown up more than the last time. She's still sassy. She is still difficult at times, but I'm seeing a different side of her come out. Her creative side is in full force right now... probably because it is winter and she can't be outside flying down the street on her bike like she would like. It's painting, beads, play dough, drawing, coloring, repeat..... I love it. She is also so into music. She can name musical artists, finish lyrics and dance like a crazy girl when she's feeling it. She can take the bad out of a day with her random one-liners, and make a tired mom feel like it is worth it the second her arms go around my neck and she tells me my "socks are cute, my purse is cute, my sweater is snuggly... ". She makes me laugh.


Boothbloggers said...

precious! love the post, love the pics! :)

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

i feel ya girl! it's so bittersweet to watch them grow up. i don't want to miss a single detail!
she's her momma's girl but will always be her baby too! :)