Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new member of our family... Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer

So.... we have been wanting a kitten for a long time.  Maybe I should say we have been lovingly persuaded by a certain almost 6 year old girl that there IS a kitten out there that NEEDS us.  How do you say no to that!? So, about a week and a half ago we rescued this sweet little kitty from the animal shelter.  She's part calico and part gray tabby striped and is 7 weeks old now.  We named her Tipsy because she doesn't walk straight, flips herself off the fireplace brick and generally slides around on the hardwood floor.  The name fits her well.  :) She is naughty, playful and oh so easily distracted.  She loves snuggling with Colston early in the morning (because only he gets up at 7 am for 'quiet time' to read), loves hiding and tormenting Carlie, loves jumping on Jason's feet, and loves sleeping on me.   She's the perfect mix of happy, love, and snuggles and we are so thankful for her.   I'm actually not sure who got the better end of the deal..... Tipsy having a home where she is loved and cared for, or Carlie for getting someone 'little' in the house to boss around.  I'm gonna call it a tie.