Monday, August 30, 2010

This is just so wrong..... | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

So... I have two kids in school.  Officially.  None of this preschool stuff anymore.  They are BIG kids.  We have a tradition of taking the same picture in the same spot every year on the first day of school.  Our son informed his little sister that she needed to be ready for "mom's picture".   haha.  Join me on memory lane here.  (sob).  WHERE ARE MY BABIES??? Even as I typed that, my almost 10 year old (what?!??) just said that he is NOT a baby anymore.  I don't know what to make of these two very different personalities, oh so special in their own way.  They make Jason and I laugh so much more than they know.  They are caring little souls and we are so very blessed to be their parents.  Somehow, this year felt different.  I know our little girl has been in preschool for the past two years, but I guess her riding a school bus made it seem so much more real.  I thought I was okay.  The first day of school thing... saying good bye, all of that.  Then we came home and it was just Jason and I and the next thing we know I was crying and we were hugging.  A lot.  Have we taught our kids the right ways to handle adversity? Have we taught them to care for others?  Are they ready to just.... be OUT THERE?  I guess it's that leap of faith thing that parents all over the world every single day have to face.   I am happy to report that both of them came home with smiles on their faces and the typical "it was so boring" response in regards to their first day.  I think we will all be okay afterall. :)

(Please pardon the weird sizes, I had to dig through a couple hard drives to find all of these.)


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