Monday, September 20, 2010

Six Years Old.... | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Life is just going too fast right now.  All kinds of wonderful things happening, and right now I'm making time to enjoy them all.... LIKE my baby girl turning SIX.  Oh.My.Gosh.    Her birthday seemed like the event that never ended, although I am certain she would disagree.  These images weren't taken on her birthday, but shortly after when it was "school picture" day.  While I always buy a minimal package of the cheesy school picture, (you know, because I feel WRONG not doing so...) this year, she couldn't understand why *I* just couldn't take her picture for her instead of someone else.  So, we headed out for just a few quick shots before she went to school.  She was so happy to not only have her hair done (such a ponytail kind of girl),  but also to NOT have to wear the "boring school uniform".   I mean, afterall, the child is ANYTHING but boring. :)  So, here she is... a bundle of laughter, sass, artsy-ness, all wrapped up into one lovable little girl who is all mine!!  :)  Happy Six Years, sweet girl.

That last pose.... all her.  What IS that?? :)

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

Aweeeee!!! I love her :).
Happy Birthday big girl!!!