Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a day at the zoo.... | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

One of my favorite parts of my job is watching kiddos grow over the years.  This family is one of my very first families... I did a maternity session when she was expecting her oldest.... and he's now in kindergarten. :) These guys know me and we definitely have fun together.  This day we wanted to just do a fun session... enjoying kids being kids. The "rules" kind of went out the window and we just focused on capturing and more importantly living in the moment.  I learned all about the tooth fairy, heard a pirate talk (ALL day long :)) and saw baby girl light up when her daddy arrived to help out.  
All in all a pretty good day on the job.

I included the last 3 in a series because they crack me up.  Three kids under the age of six... ALL looking at the camera AND smiling is a small feat and while I'm not sure we got that exact image, I love the combo of all three.  It's life for them.  Right now. :)

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