Monday, July 23, 2007

More of this sweet girl...

Okay, dear Ali!! I am a little behind on this, but you know why!:) Anyway here are my thoughts on some of my favorites. Now, the one I posted last week probably tops the list. I think she looks so very intense... which is how I think of her anyway. She's stunningly beautiful... smiling or not.

1) This one cracks me up... maybe because I know we were probably laughing at something really ridiculous. But the way her hands are folded and her right foot is curling up is so very feminine. It is a sweet side of her that I love.

2) The appeal of this picture to me lies within the overall moodiness. She looks pensive and thoughtful. Almost oblivious to the camera. (which of course is the goal!:)) And the fact that she's holding that darned walnut that she wouldn't put down makes it even better to me!:) I also really love the texture of the steps, especially in black and white.
3) Ahhh... what a giggly little thing she is!! She is so very mischievous and the way she is holding her mouth just alludes to that trait. Of course the color is lovely too. I like the way her toes are curling again.
4) Love the color of this image. It was truly spontaneous. I called her name as she was walking away and she spun around giving me this little gem. The girly-ness in the way she is holding her dress and it is flowing around her reminds me that, although she's growing up, she is still a little girl.

5) Definitely a unique shot, but I love her carefree expression as well as how dramatic the lighting and shadows are. The fact that she isn't looking at me, for me, makes the shot. :)
I hope that helps you see what I see!:)

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