Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Such a sweet little family...

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home. Your little ones are so very sweet and they made me laugh many times!:) Here are my top five favorites... although I had a very hard time choosing!!
(in no particular order...)

1) Little "C" looks so proud of himself in this picture. As you know, getting two kiddos at this age to look at me at the same time was a little bit of a challenge. But what a happy memory of true family life this image represents. It's real. That's why I like it.:)

2) Ok, seriously, this tops the list of my all time favorite family "portraits". I think it is hilarious and fresh. Definitely not traditional. I love the way Miss "K" has her mouth wide open.... not holding back her excitement one little bit... just the way it should be when you are a kid.:)
3) Obviously this one has a completely different feel to it. To me, it is thoughtful and slightly moody. (sounds like my 3 yr. old daughter!). She's not a baby, but not quite a 'big' girl either. It is very sweet and innocent. I liked it in color too, but with the overall mood to the picture, felt that black and white was more fitting.

4) In case you haven't noticed... I LOVE baby feet! :) I love the eyelashes, the teddy bear peeking out and the sense of comfort I feel just from looking at it. Who doesn't love their baby blanket!? 5) This one, to me, is just fun. But slightly symbolic too. Miss "K" is showing her independent side while under the protective, and very proud, eyes of Mommy and Daddy. She looks carefree and happy. And I love that we caught her "mid-skip".;)

I hope that helps you see what I see!;)

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