Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My first baby planner....

Sometimes I meet families that just click. This sweet family is one of them. I've never met anyone as excited about pictures as what I am... but these guys may be close.;) Thank you for letting me into your lives for the past year. It has been an honor and I look forward to watching your kiddos grow up over the years to come. (I didn't show the pool shot again, but that is definitely one of my faves as well.) Here is my rambling commentary... as promised.:)

1) I really love this picture of you, D, because you look so content and at peace. I love that you are laughing... kids need to see pictures of their mommas laughing. :) And you and I both know you were laughing at the crazy antics of your husband. And little E looks so very relaxed... and maybe a wee sleepy. I think it just feels like a good moment.

2) Considering you guys are a backyard kind of family, this to me, is a must-have. I love the color. And despite the fact that you guys are farther away than normal, I think it has a real feel to it. I mean, this is where you live in the summer, right?:) Secretly, I think it would look too cute hanging in the tiki bar. hmmm.:)

3) I love this one... I think it might look good as a square crop, but wanted to leave that up to you. The way that big E is looking down is so, I don't know, "big-brotherish". And I nearly missed this tiny detail, but look at how little E is grabbing his hand. Too sweet.

4) And what a cute daddy... you can feel his pride in his two little guys. I like the color versions of the other shots, but this just begged for black and white to bring the focus to the moment and the underlying feeling of the shot. And those curls....!!:)

5) Not your "normal" family portrait, but how sweet is this? Little E just looks so loved. It is a total "feel-good" image. It is hard work learning to walk, but thank goodness he has all that support around him.:) I hope that helps you see what I see!!:)

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