Friday, July 13, 2007

And another one of my favorite 6 month olds:)

Okay, so the babies are growing up and I'm feeling a little sentimental. Just wait till their 0ne-year session... I am a huge sap!:) Anyway, here are my top 5 and why... in no particular order.

1) My caption for this picture is "Yo, why are you laying me in this grass?" I love her expression. I love the light in her eyes from the sky. I love the way her hair is sticking up. I think the grass makes a simple yet funky textured background. I have a feeling this expression will be a very familiar one... especially around age 13.:)

2) This makes me laugh. It is so typical for these ages. But I like the way they are both in their own little world, but still trying to cooperate for crazy camera lady. And oh my goodness, the lashes. I think if I didn't crop it into a square it would not have been as fresh and snuggly.

3) The vulnerability in her eyes gets me in this one. She looks so big sitting, yet so sweet in the way she holds her hands. And again... those eyes.... ahh. I also love the way you can still see the chubby little roll around her wrist and the dimples on her hands. We all know how quickly those go away.
4) Doesn't this make you wonder what she is thinking? And those lips all puckered out... too cute. I like the way her fingers are out in front of her, yet her index finger is curled under. I think that little gesture is so typical for that age... always exploring textures and surfaces.

5) I love the light on her here. The way her eyes sparkle, but you still get a tiny glimpse of those lashes. The crop here is a bit different for some people, but I think it adds to the picture rather than takes away. I feel like I'm in her little world from this perspective. And the lizard tongue is a fun touch. I can see this being an image in some upcoming marketing materials!!:) I hope that helps you see what I see!:)

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