Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm not old enough for this....

...whole "having-a-first-grader" thing. It kind of makes me a grown-up, I suppose!:) Anyway... Colston survived his first day of school with only minor tears when the bus stopped in front of our house. I didn't cry, but probably because I was taking pictures of him getting on the bus. He just looked so tiny, yet so big... all in the same instant. When my alarm went off, I came around the hallway corner to find him fully dressed, flossing his teeth and wearing his backpack... almost a full hour before the bus was scheduled to arrive! Mr. Responsibility right there! In fact, he told his daddy that he was setting his alarm a few minutes earlier because he was worried about Mommy not waking up!! (don't tell him, but I was too!)

Anyway, I am happy to share some sweet moments of my own. (these are few and far between, because ... in case you didn't know... my children suffer from a serious disease known as the Photographer's Child Syndrome. Symptoms include rolling eyes, silly faces, mean looks, sometimes temper tantrums, and the occasional, yet never pleasant, inappropriate scratching.)

Enjoy!:) I certainly will for years to come!!

This last one gets me. It's like the moment of truth. The bus pulled up and it was TIME. His little shoulders slumped in that oh-so-familiar way that he has when he's down or sad. His eyes welled up with tears and he said, "You know, it is ALL day long." I will never forget it.

On a side note, I am feeling such a teeny tiny bit better that I was able to get some things done today. I am close to being back on track. Thank you for your concern!;)


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

reading this made me sad & proud of that little man. i think i would have myself the biggest crying fit if my girls actually "went" to school...but it'd be nice to actually get stuff done during the day that didn't only include them in it.
he's huge joni, just huge, too huge - tell him to stop! little sister is breathtakingly gorgeous! is she enjoying her mommy time?
these were great captures!

take care your awesomeness!

Heidi said...

Oh... I know your pain :) My DD is starting 2nd grade, and my DS is still in preschool... but I'm already dreading the day next year when he heads off all day for Kindergarten!!

These are adorable captures, and it makes me tear up to see the one of him walking away to the bus... I'm dreading Wed when my little guy rides the bus to preschool for the first time this year. I can GUARANTEE tears (probably from both of us)!