Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How loved she is!

Wow, she has grown up since the last time I got to hang out with her. Miss 'E' has such a sparkling personality. I really enjoyed spending time with such a sweet little family. Here are my favorites from your session!
1) Because they have such a lovely house, I like the feel to this one. Just an ordinary day in the living room.... almost the feel of peeking into a real moment. I love how baby "E" is looking up at Daddy! And the rich color.:) Seriously, I want to live with you guys!! 2) One thing I really love about this Momma is that she sang her heart out to her baby and seemed oblivious to me. (I could NOT do that!!:)) It was sweet and then almost at the end of the song, Miss "E" looked over at me as if to say, "Aren't I just the luckiest?" I think this would be a precious pictures to have to look back on down the road. Just hanging out with Mom.
3) Well, not only does she have a lovely, singing Momma, she also has a room fit for a princess. And if you could only see the yummy light in her room! I love the feel of this one. So little, yet so big and in her own little world. I would SOO hang out in that corner all the time if you guys let me move in with you!;)
4) And I like this one too with the touch of color. It has a soft girly feel. For me the blue ribbon and her hands make the shot!
5) This one just feel so, I don't know, universal. What momma hasn't stood beside her baby in the crib with the comforting hand patting her back? And the look of peace in "E's" eyes to me says it all. Indeed, she is loved.
It was hard to narrow down to five favorites!! I hope you enjoyed your session.;)

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kjamaupin said...

She is one precious baby! ANd I have to admit, she does have a fantastic Mommy. I may be a little biased, but she's the best friend, too. Fabulous pictures of our precious "E". Love them all!!