Monday, September 24, 2007

Sneak Peek #1

So... this weekend was a little crazy for me. This was my first of 4 sessions on Saturday. At a bright and early 8:00 in the morning, this little guy stole my heart. (and as a NON-morning person, that's quite an accomplishment.:)) So, guys... this is for you....

1) How precious is he? And the chub??:) He has the sweetest parents and I think he adores them. Just check out the smiling eyes.

2) As a mom, I can totally appreciate this phase in babyhood.... when he reached up and grabbed her face, I knew this one would be one of my favorites. Soak it up, girl... it doesn't last long.:)

3) I'm a big fan of bed shots with the whole family... if you didn't already know! I think if Mommy and Daddy had been looking at me, the effect would not have been the same. I just love how they are watching him.... their little world. And is it just me, but does he look a little mischievious?
4) I also love front porch shots. My thought is that this is where you call home... why not remember it too? Of course it also helps when your house is as lovely as this one! Just a sweet family... enjoying each other.
5) One of the prettiest Mommas.... love her smile. Love the little guy's smile. I'm pretty certain that Dad was doing something crazy behind me, but it worked! :)
6) This one just makes me happy. I know Dad is kind of on the outside of the moment here, but I love it anyway. The black and white brings the focus to that emotion in the picture.
7) Ahhh.. those eyes. Need I say more?
8) Just another family moment that I like. Hanging out with the dog... who kept making Baby J giggle in that sweet sort of way.
You guys were so much fun. Thank you for a great start to a busy day... and of course, for the coffee!:)

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

oh my goodness, i'd love to hear their reaction because i would LOVE to have images like this from when my girls were teensy weensy!
i can't pick a favorite because they are all so different & tell their own story.
great job!