Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sneak Peek #2

Here are some of my favorites from Saturday Session #2:)

1) Little E made me smile. He reminded me of Colston when he was little. He is big stuff and loved showing off his room and big bed to me.:)

2) See, I don't just shoot baby feet! :) These kind of shots always make me giggle. Family... at its best.

3) Back to the family bed here... M and E were all about the focus being on them instead of Mom and Dad! I like their expressions.
4) Miss M had fun showing me all of her stuffed animals in her room, which was lovely, by the way. I love her big brown eyes and the light coming in on her hair.
5) This is one of my very favorites. She is a big first grader, learning to read. It reminds me of being a little girl, lost in a book, in my room. And the way she has her toes curled up together melts my heart. So big, yet still little.:)
6) Isn't he a heartbreaker? And to think his Momma told me he would be shy!!! :) I think we hit it off just fine!
7) So, I saved my favorite for last. I think this should be printed BIG.:) I love the interaction, the movement, the smiles. What better way to remember their childhood!Thank you!! You guys were so much fun and yes, your children were perfectly behaved!:)

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

oh my gosh, this last shot is PHENOMENAL! you made art out of simple sibling interaction! what a treasured piece that will bring tears to moms eyes when they are teenagers & swearing off their blood line! :)
i hope she gets it in a large canvas!