Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sneak Peek #4

Whew! Are you tired of me yet!?:)

Ok, so after a marathon of a day on Saturday, I ended with this gorgeous family. (seriously. they are too cute for words... especially in their matching shirts. Sorry, A!:) hehe)

Here are my favorites for now.

1) I love the lighting here. My little buddy E was very fascinated with the squirrels throwing nuts from the trees.... especially when his daddy told him it was spider monkeys. I think he was looking for them here.

2) And could her eyes be any sweeter? You've seen her before... big blue eyes on the website. Well, she's a big girl now... walking and everything. And I really wanted to bring her home with me. And is it just me or are polka dots just the best thing ever!??
3) What you can't see about this family shot is that 2 frames before this, Baby R figure out how to splash her hands in the fountain they are sitting next to. She is darned proud of herself, can you tell? I'd MUCH prefer family photos where parents are enjoying their children then everyone staring at me. Call me crazy, but it is just more real. Besides, how nice is it for your kids to look back on those pictures someday and say, "Wow, my parents had fun being MY parents!" (stepping off soapbox now.:))
4) E, you were so good at the "super secret" pictures!! We had fun sneaking off, didn't we?:) Tell your mom you want her to buy this to put in your scrapbook.:) hehe
5) You really are a rockstar in that super cool shirt. I love this. His eyes, his smile, those dimples? Ahh, another great option for cute grandchildren. :)
6) Can you tell how much she is focusing here? I love this shot for so many reasons. The eyes, the chubby cheeks, the pudgy fingers... and oh my gosh, that hair!
7) Ok, don't tell E, but I think this might be my favorite from your session. I love the color here, her smile... everything. yum. :)

I hope it was painless for you guys! Thanks so much!:)

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

these are absolutely scrumptious!
and just between us...portraits of families having fun are my favorites too!
who really cares about cheesy-everyone-looking-at-the-camera-shots anyway?
wonderful job once again miss joni!