Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sneak Peek #3

Ok... I'm CERTAIN that this Momma has been stalking the blog to see if her sweet Ruby is up there yet!!:) I would have been too. So... here you go, girl!!:) I had to STOP adding pictures... we had a really great session. My favorites.... in no particular order...

1) She seriously has the most beautiful skin. Here the light just wraps around her perfectly. She looks so big sitting up, but I still see a little vulnerability in her eyes. She's not ALL grown up yet, Mom!

2) She has the best colors in her room. I am such a black and white person, but the color here makes me so happy!:) And her eyes....
3) She is a baby on the move now. And between you and me, her parents are going to have their hands FULL!! She is lightning fast. I was laying on the floor to get this shot, and nearly got attacked about 10 seconds after snapping it!
4) This was a tricky shot, but it was sooo worth it. I love the rolls by her wrists and ankles as well as the way she's standing on her little tippy toes!
5) Yes, Miss Ruby, you are indeed loved! Chubby cheeks and all!:)
6) Okay, so maybe NOT as cute as the baby, but since he's REALLY BIG (and slightly scary to me) I didn't want to leave him out! Dega, you pretty much are a stud of a dog!!:)
7) As a mom to a little girl who is growing up way too fast, I appreciate this picture a lot. I love her little neck and the way her hair is starting to grow more as well as her pudgy arms and the hint of the cheeks! She is a little explorer.... can you tell?!
8) LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! The color, her sweet little face, and the grip of her fingers on the bars. If I saw this face peering up at me every morning, I would be one lucky momma. (as long as it wasn't too early and I have had my coffee. :))
Thank you, guys! I always enjoy my time in your home. :)

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

these are all so sweet. this baby is just adorable! love the chub & i'm so glad you made sure to get one of her in full motion towards you. this phase passes all too soon.
love the cheek kissing one :) such squishy cheeks!

wonderful job!