Friday, September 14, 2007

What a great guy!

I had so much fun with R. He is such a great kid... so friendly and polite and... he is a football player. So you know I had fun talking about that with him!:) Anyway, here you go... a few of my favorites...

1) My little assistant will be so happy to see that he was successful in making R laugh! He was "working hard".:) I like this shot... the casual stance... the way he's gripping the football, almost as if it is an extension of himself. He looks confident and almost "G-Q-ish".:)
2) How can you not love that smile? I'm sure his Dad is proud of that!!:) I love the light here and the texture of the brick. I feel like he's about 3 seconds away from passing the football to me!
3) This is all for you, R! I actually LOVE this shot... may have to be a website addition!! The "silver bullet" isn't so bad after all!:) Everyone should remember their first car.
4) Mr. Cool Guy here. Love the color, love the posture and the depth of field.

5) I always go for the moodier shots and this is no exception. Once again the texture of the brick, the lighting... it's just yummy.:) I hope we kept it relatively painless for you!:) Thanks for your patience.


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

where oh where have i been?
oh ya, editing in that dark hole of mine.
you've had sooo many amazing sessions girl!
each one is outstanding in its own way.
loved reading through all of them.
thx for sharing them w/ your readers - you DA BOMB!

Monyeen Black said...

Joni: WOW... great senior session. The bricks and lighting is PERFECT!!!