Thursday, December 13, 2007

What would the holidays be without a little stress??

I just have a couple of things to tell you... nothing too exciting and certainly not inspiring. :)

1) If you are waiting for orders and you've ordered within the last week, we are at a standstill waiting for the weather to clear out and the power to return in the northern states where my pro-lab is. Please be patient. :) I'm trying to be.

2) Sessions are already filling up for 2008. Thank you!:) If you contact me before the end of THIS year, I will honor the current prices for your session in 2008. Prices will be increasing as of January 1st. Please don't hesitate to email me via the website using the calendar feature. If I can't get back to you right away, my assistant Jenn will to get the ball rolling. :)

3) I will be out of town for the entire weekend, but will periodically check in to my email account. If it can wait until Monday, that would be helpful. If not, don't feel bad about emaling. :)

I appreciate all of you so very much. Enjoy the holiday season and make some memories!:)

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