Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Think she's got some?? :) This is what happens when I "let" her pick out her own clothes. In color, this picture is hideous. In black and white, it just makes me laugh. So, she has green pants, a pink turtleneck, a light blue Disney princess shirt, and of course, her tu-tu. And this pose is her "take of picture of me shaking my booty, Mommy" pose. oh my. SAS-SY.

And of course you all know how I love hands.... well, these are 2 of my favorite hands.:) I love that she still has those little dimples. Have you ever realized how quickly they go away? It's such a painful (at least to Mommies) sign of losing that babyhood. I always notice that at my sessions... especially with those families that I do every few months. So, next time you secretly laugh at me for loving hand photographs... just remember why I do it.:) And my quote of the day.... "Half the adventure... is in the guessing."

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Sam Provenzano said...

you are the best.. you are so passionate its insane