Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please note...

If you are in the ordering process, please plan to get your orders to me by the end of this weekend. This keeps everything moving, for you and for me. Also note that starting March 1st, you will have 5 days to make your ordering selections. Once your proofs are ready, I will contact you and you will pick the 5 days that are MOST convenient to you. This will apply to everyone. If your order is placed within the first 3 days, you will receive a complimentary 8x10. If additional time is necessary, a $25.00 fee will incur for EACH day. Please remember that I try to be as flexible as I can, but it is a business and deadlines need to be respected on both sides. Thank you.:)


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

yeah - i've had to do this as well. the sad part is, it was mainly my friends that were dragging their feet with their choices.
i'm sure your friends aren't like that though - those indy people are pretty neat :).

way to go with the 5 day deadline - it's still much more generous than portrait places!

Joni Streit Photography said...

thanks girl.:) I know it's hard to pick and choose but still... have to remind myself that certain studios discard the images right in front of you if you don't choose on the spot. ha! Couldn't go that far!