Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lots to share....:)

Well, I am home from Vegas. What a trip it was! I wouldn't say that I've entirely recovered yet. Give me a couple days and I'll be back 150%! :)

To the photographers that I was lucky enough to meet out there, WOW! You guys were amazing and talented, and so very kind. I can't wait until next year! (why does it have to be SO far away ha!:))

Anyway, here is ANOTHER 1 year old session from the week before I left. How crazy is that? I just want to throw this out there.... I'm THRILLED to photograph other ages as well!! hehe:) But really, what a cute little guy. I loved the relationship between the child and his mommy. There's really nothing like that bond. So.... enjoy! :)

1) This is my signature 10x20 crop. It's an easy size to find a frame for. It is unique and gives your walls a more contemporary look. I love the expression on his face and think the lighting is just yummy. 2) Another signature crop. What momma doesn't love 'footie-pjs'? I love how clean and simple this shot is... and that the little guy appears to be oblivious to me... the "crazy camera lady". :)
3) This is one of my FAVORITE shots. Love his eyes... love his toothy grin... love that I know he's being held and loved on.
4) And how cute is this? Considering his Momma is a history teacher, I think it's so fitting that they are reading a book called "So you want to be President". So happy together. And when he peeked at me, my heart melted.
5) He's a man on a mission. I love the sense of movement and the way the light wraps around him so nicely.
6) He really wasn't sure about sitting in the grass, but I love this little hand gesture... it is such a one-year-old thing. (trust me, I know... remember? ;))
7) As a mom, I REALLY want pictures of me with my kiddos like this. It appears to be more of a private moment, done intentionally with the out of focus weeds in the foreground. I can just feel that exploring nature of a toddler when I look at it, as well as the protective mommy instinct.
8) Okay, do I need to tell you what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this?? Any guesses?? Yep. You got it. That sweet little pudgy hand caressing Mommy's cheek. SIGH..... And doesn't she look like she just loves being a mom?

Thank you for looking!! If you are a mom who has not had those photographs made celebrating the relationships with your children (LIKE ME!!), please think about the need to have this done. Your children deserve to have pictures of you enjoying THEM as they are growing up. So, if not for yourself, do it for your children. :) Life is precious.

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

these are precious Jo!
this momma is so blessed to have had you capture these moments with her wee one - you did a phenomenal job!