Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some of my Vegas favorites. :)

After my convention was over, Jason and I stayed a couple extra days to just unwind and enjoy each other's company. (Not to mention that our top 2 favorite days of the year were Thursday and Friday (MARCH MADNESS time!!:))) Anyway, we really enjoyed watching basketball and just hanging out... NO kids. ;) We love walking down the strip at night... so many things to see. We stayed at the Paris hotel.... which was lovely EXCEPT that they didn't have coffee makers in the rooms. "WHAT?!?" you may ask.... yep. That's right. No stinkin' coffee makers in a 4 star hotel. hmmm. So... we bought our own and survived quite nicely... although the first day was a bit questionable. I mean, really.... don't ask this self-proclaimed 'late night girl' to be at a class at 8 am if there's no coffee... or worse, if this girl has to get up an extra hour early in order to stand in a 35 people-deep line at the hotel coffee shops. geez. But... I'm off track. :)

So, I'm sharing some of my favorite artsy shots from our late night walks. I'm *pretty sure* there are no hidden one-year-olds in the images, but I could be wrong. hehe:)

I'll explain.:)
1) Here is the Eifel Tower that is the trademark for the Paris hotel. It is really quite a structure and makes me dream of going to Paris for real someday.
2) One of our favorite places in Las Vegas is the Fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel. (you know, the one where Oceans Eleven was filmed?) Jason and I have always been big music lovers and this synchronized-to-music water and light show is truly remarkable. A new song is played every 15 minutes, and every time we go there we stay for at least 2 or 3 songs. It is mesmerizing and truly moving to watch.

3) Another shot of the tower that I love. I'm all about this perspective... even though my fellow tourists were looking at me funny when I shot it. (thank goodness there were thousands of other photographers doing kind of the same thing!)
4) If it's not coffee, it's diet coke for me. I love this shot with the texture added. And it kind of makes me thirsty. :) (it's okay, I know I'm weird!)
5) So many colors, so many lights. Talk about sensory overload!
6) This is the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.... I'm not afraid of heights but it kind of took my breath away for a second.

7) And I've saved the best for last. No, this is NOT Jason and I... no cowboy hats around here. This is an anonymous young couple in love who were enjoying the Bellagio fountains. He was so sweet and tender with her. I had to capture it.

Thanks for looking. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with your families. :)


Lori said...

Glad you had a good time! Love the Tower pics... especially the black & white.
Sorry ya'll didn't get to come over on Sat.... That's the trouble w/ last minute plans, but that's what happened.

Did you get my text about Apr. 3? Let me know if it might be possible! Love ya! ~Lori

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

these are lovely. just beautiful & breathtaking.
i'm so happy you were able to go & enjoy yourself with your mister!

Shannon said... these pics!
Tell me, were you laying on the ground for the tower pictures?

I wish I had more time to play with my camera while I was there. I only took out my point and shoot most of the time.

Anyway...glad we connected while we were there.

Joni Streit Photography said...

Thanks, guys!;)

Shannon, I was crouched down leaning my head way back and nearly fell backwards about 5 times!! :) Jason was behind me to make sure no one trampled me. I shot it with my 35mm 2.0 to get that effect. Wait, maybe it was my 50. hmm. Now I'll have to check. :)
Glad we could connect too.:)

BantaBanter said...

Beautiful pictures!! I must go to Vegas now.

Monyeen Black said...

Love the tower shots.

Kiera said...

Joni! Can't believe you got to go to Vegas. I'm so excited to talk to you about it! I'm totally going next year. See you soon!

c r y s t a l said...

Lovely pictures, Joni. Such a bummer we didn't get to meet up. WPPI is so crazy busy, isn't it? I didn't even get to see some of my really good friends because everyone was so scattered.

Hopefully we will have the chance to meet next year! :)

kristi said...

Joni, I love these pics! You should do a preview site of these...I wouldlove to buy a few for my redecorating project this summer!