Thursday, June 5, 2008

All-American Boy

Thank you to 'T' for hanging out with me and being such a great sport. You'll have lots of great options to choose from... but here are my favorites. :) (so far. hehe:))

1) How cute is she with that tongue!?

2) I told him to give me his best 'smoldering eyes'. Did it work? :)
3) I really love this.
4) And this... with the light peeking through the trees. T, you totally pulled off "serious".:)
5) Future History Teacher.:)
6) Not for everyone, but I love it.

7) And my ABSOLUTE favorite from the day......

Thanks again!! :)

PS. Don't forget that the contest to win a waived session fee with your wall displays ends on MONDAY.:) (see post below)


BantaBanter said...

The last picutre looks like a post card! Great pictures.

Brandy Cunningham said...

joni...can't wait to see you on thursday! i love the last shot of this boy! wow...great work.