Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beautiful Day.

The setting: downtown Indianapolis at St. Mary's Catholic Church.
The people: two of the most IN LOVE individuals I've ever met. Really.

Here are a few (ok, a LOT) of my favorites from the day. Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and enjoy!!! :)

1) When I took this picture it was very overcast and dreary, even sprinkling, I think. The sun came out exactly when we needed it to after the ceremony.

2) Gorgeous colors. The bride thought of every little detail.

3) The groom is one of the NICEST, most genuine guys you'll ever meet. On HIS big day, he kept checking on me and that meant the world to me.

4) Love this shot against this super cool old wall.

5) And the stunning bride....

6) I love the simplicity of shots like this.

7) "M" looked so amazing and timeless. I love this shot of her.

8) When couples tell me that they are planning to see each other before the wedding, I am thrilled to have the chance to photograph that private moment. There is so much stress surrounding the day, it's a great chance for the pair to just BE together for a moment and take it all in. This bride had tears in her eyes before her groom ever came up the stairs to where she was waiting for him. I love the emotion in her hands... nerves, excitement, clutching a tissue.

9) In order for them to have a private moment, we utilized this gorgeous (photographically speaking;)) room at the top of a old set of stairs. This is the moment where he saw her for the first time. It was a moment in my own life that I won't soon forget. Don't tell them, but I had tears in my eyes too. Thank goodness for that big camera hiding my face!!

10) That first embrace was magic. Pure magic.
11) You know someone is truly beautiful when they even look good crying! :) So much emotion in this tiny room.
12) Are you kidding me??
13) Love this angle. They seemed so relieved to see each other and then to enjoy the rest of the day.

Thank you for letting me in to your hearts for the day. There will be a few more to show here on the blog, but I didn't want you to have to wait too long.
To all my blog "stalkers" who introduced themselves to me at the wedding... THANK YOU!!! It was so nice to meet you. Feel free to leave a comment and remind me all your names.;)
A huge thank you to my last second babysitter who bailed me out. And a huge thank you to my best friend and trusty assistant for the day. You rocked it out!!!


Marianne said...

So, I thought I'd check out your blog today before we leave - what a surprise! Beautiful pictures, Joni!! I can't believe you have some up already. I'm so glad you were able to be a part of our day. I hope things are going well down your way!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! These are amazing Joni!!! You can FEEL the emotions in these pics. I am SO SAD I missed the day!!!

Kiera said...

These are awesome! I love the simpliest ones too! btw, I totally "tagged" you on my blog. You rule!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Joni....oh my gosh, girl. You just keep getting better and better. These are some truly inspired pictures!

mamachristina said...

I found your blog through jackie at our moments our memories and I love your talent. These wedding shots are truly the most amazing angles I have ever seen.

Kristin said...

Wow... Amazing. I LOVE #12. You can just FEEL the passion. Love it!

Megan said...

Hey Joni! I love your take on St. Mary's...wasn't that an awesome church!?