Friday, June 20, 2008

Sneak Peek #2

These two sisters made me laugh with their mischievious expressions and giggles. It was great to meet you guys! :)

1) I love that it's not the perfect "looking at the camera" picture here. 2) Sigh.... I wish MY kids would do this for me! ha
3) M, this is the 10x20 crop I mentioned to you. It is really a great size, easy to find a frame for, and unique.
4) Cute girls, cute outfits, great light... what more could I want!?
Thanks again, guys. I'll be in touch next week.


Heidi said...

That second photo of the two girls on their backs is perfect... love the connection with their hands. Great shot!++

Kristi said...

I L O V E that 2nd picture! It is great! And too funny you read my blog. I can not figure out how to do the feed into facebook! LOL I was up till one this morning trying to get caught up on life. Still did not get caught up!!!