Sunday, June 22, 2008

A couple quick things...

Between traveling for a wedding and a week of VBS last week, I'm running a slight bit behind.

1) If you have ordered from me in the last two weeks, your orders are all shipping out tomorrow! (yes, my house IS, in fact, a factory today!)

2) If you are awaiting an invoice from me, it's coming by tomorrow, for certain.

3) Wedding images from wedding #1 will be available for viewing on the website starting tomorrow. The instructions you will need are on that little card you received at the wedding.:)

4) If you think you *should* have received a session fee invoice from me in the last 3 weeks, but it is not showing up, please let me know. I've had a few snags with that recently.

5) Sneak peeks from this past weekend's wedding will be posted here on the blog by Tuesday. You won't want to miss them! :)

6) There will be no more sessions booked (unless it is for a newborn) until August.

7) I will be out of town and on vacation starting June 26th and returning July 3rd. If there is something you need from me between now and then, please let me know. I'm unsure on what the Internet connection availability will be while I'm away.

8) Fall dates (i.e., Christmas card/gift sessions!) are filling up quickly. It is highly recommended that you book now so that you do not miss out.
Sessions will NOT be held after December 1st.

Okay, that was more than a couple things. Sorry! :)
Off to catch up!!!

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