Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wedding Sneak Peek #1

Thank you to John and Katy for inviting us to be a part of your big day. I hope you are having a great time in Cancun!

1) The setting.... an amazing church.... truly beautiful. The steps leading up were great for pictures....not so great for nearly falling backwards down!! Thank goodness you all didn't see my "graceful" moves there!! :)

2) Seeing as how I love hand shots... and diamonds... this is a win-win shot for me.:)

I love the glimpse of the detail in Katy's dress here.

3) I am all about wedding day surprises... particularly when they involve the bride being unknowingly whisked away by a silver Mustang!

4) Loved Katy's shoes... probably more than she did! ;)5) Thanks for the inspiration, Jenn;)

6) John is another groom who is truly SO NICE. I was so impressed with how calm you were.;) 7) Katy, you looked so beautiful... you really pulled off the glowing bride look well!8) I'll just say it now... my brides have SMOKIN' eyes!
9) Love how dramatic this is.

10) A dress like this deserves a long flight of gorgeous stairs... I'm so happy that the sky was so blue and reflecting in the church windows.11) All together now.... ahhhh. Teeny-tiny tuxedos are SOOO cute.
12) This little guy made my day. Over and over again. Being a ringbearer at 10 months old is a TOUGH job. I never once heard this child cry! He was amazing. In fact, he may just have to have his own blog post all to himself because I could not get enough of him!! :)
13) He took his job very seriously but really partied it up at the reception, bringing smiles to the whole crowd!

More to come soon! Thanks for checking in! :)


sara said...

The pics are absolutely amazing & you have a gift with your creativity with the camera. Your assistant is awesome, too! Can't wait to see the rest!
~Maxx's mom

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

are you kidding me???
this entire page is filled with drooling-kick-butt work!

i miss you girl!!!
have fun on your vaca!!!

stephanie said...

Oh Joni, that picture of the church with the sky reflecting in the windows is to DIE FOR!!!! WOW!! ++

christie provost said...

joni, i've long admired your work on ilp but never been to your blog. love these images! my fave has to be the detail of groom checking his watch. just perfect and so emotive! ++

Lauren said...

Joni -

Awesome pictures! Please tell your assistance she's wonderful too! You guys were great.


Who's Sweet On You? said...

Smokin hot couple!! Love that shoe shot! I was born in Valpo and still have fam all over Indy! :) ++

mollie said...

those are gorgeous. seriously, i can't pick a favorite! your brides are lucky to work with you! i am impressed!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness! The bride and groom must be flippin' out at how amazing their wedding photographer is! Seriously, these just rock! Your compositions, colors, the moments you captured, the lighting....all just wonderful. My hubby and I are renewing our vows in 2013, wanna photograph it?! ++

Jenn said...

you really did ROCK it girl. Thank you for letting me share the time with you!!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow...that church is amazing!

Now I want to get married all over again just so you can shoot it. Where were you six years ago????