Thursday, July 31, 2008

A couple things...

I know it's been awhile. I had great intentions of posting some things while on vacation, but unfortunately our Internet connection was out. (gasp!)

Anyway, this week is catch-up-try-not-to-go-crazy week for me. Here are a few things you might want to know...
1)If you had a session with me the week before I left for MI, your proofs WILL be ready by Saturday.

2)If you are looking for the wedding gallery from the Hinkle wedding on my website, it will be available in sections beginning Friday.

3)All orders have been placed. I expect a large shipment to arrive by Thursday and orders will ship out on Friday.

4)Stay tuned for a big announcement next week about the holidays! You will NOT want to miss it. :)

Here is one of my quick favorites from our vacation. This is my daughter and her "other" Mommy as she calls my best friend. She thinks she's such a little grown up. We just laughed at her the whole time we were on vacation.... who needed the Internet anyway!? :)

And for the record... I haven't even had a chance to see my San Francisco pictures yet. How sad is that!? Maybe soon. In 2010. ha! :)

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Amy said...

You're right! It totally made me smile! Did she put our flip-flops like that? She totally made us laugh the entire time! Too freakin cute! I love it!!