Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twin two year olds and the best big brother EVER. {Part ONE}

I had the pleasure of meeting these sweet little ones last week. I really enjoyed the girls and their personalities... and truthfully, wanted to bring their big brother home with me! He was one of the most polite and friendly 6 year olds I've ever met. He helped me with his little sisters so much. Thanks, little man! :) Anyway, here is part one of your sneak peek! :) Leave a comment and say hello! :)

1) All my blog 'stalkers' KNOW that I love shots like this! :)
2) Don't these little girls look like they just *might* have a wee bit of mischief in them!? LOVE their smiles.
3) Oh my goodness. Love the connection in this shot. They just fit together perfectly.

4) Since I'm a "pro" on one year olds, I had to re-vamp my thinking for 2 year olds.... I'm pretty sure I made some crazy chicken and monkey sounds in their front yard. (sorry, neighbors! :)) We also played "Where's your nose?" and etc. They were all about this part! ;)
5) I think their eyes are amazing. And the little curls in their hair was icing on the cake.:)
Thanks again to the N. family for welcoming me into your home. Stay tuned for your {part 2} in the next couple of days.

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