Saturday, July 5, 2008

A few more wedding images...

1) Remember how I said that this little guy nearly stole the show? This was him DURING the ceremony. I have to say he was a *little* distracting to me... but only in a good way! :)
2) I love this image of the bride's family and groom's mother during the ceremony. I would have LOVED to have had an image like this of my own grandmother at our wedding.
3) I love the dramatic lighting here and the way the priest is illuminated so clearly.
4) Introducing.... that happy couple! :)
5) This may be one of my favorite images of the day. Every couple should have a grand exit like this!
6) Here was another cutie of the day. Her eyes were amazing!!
Thanks for looking! The galleries will be posted by the end of this next week. :)
**Also, if you have sent me pictures of my work on your walls... Thank you!! I plan to post those in the next week or so.


Beth said...

I so love the one of them leaving the church. they look so happy and glorious - beautiful captures!!!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

i ditto beth - that is perfection joni!!!
these are all great! i love your style so much girlie!