Sunday, August 17, 2008

B and K Engagement Session {Part 1}

For one of my most favorite sessions ever, we traveled to Bloomington to visit the Oliver Winery, which I had never been to. Might I just say, the wine was excellent. :) We shared a bottle and then got right to work. We were on a mission!! :) I loved these so much that I will be sharing again in a few days. Thanks, guys, for just being your sweet selves. I can't wait for your wedding next year!!

1) The feel of this makes me happy. You know the song "The Way You Look Tonight"? There is a line in that song that says, "... and that laugh, that wrinkles your nose... touches my foolish heart". That's what this image made me think of.
2) The little pieces of togetherness.
3) Love the outsider-looking-in perspective.
4) Okay, I am not a dog person at all, but even I could not resist that tilted head.
5) Aren't they gorgeous??
6) Love her grabbing his ears. (K, this was before you even told me that's 'what you do'. Love that we caught it!
7) Are you kidding me? sigh...
8) Love the moment.
oh so many more to come! ;)


Jana Kunz said...

What a beautiful couple. Your images of them are stunning!

monyeen said...

GORGEOUS is right! what an awesome session. I have an E session coming up, thank you, Jo, for inspiring me.