Tuesday, August 19, 2008

B + K Engagement Session {Part 2}

If these images don't scream 'romance' then I did not do my job! I loved these, especially in the 7:30pm golden light. Miss K, I know you weren't AS excited about the car pictures, but... wow. :)

1) On this first image I love their shadows in the bottom right corner, and love their reflections on the side of the car. And of course, their smokin' body language.

2) If this doesn't make you feel young, then I don't know what will! I feel like this is right out of a movie.
3) I added a slight texture for interest.... love the shoes! :)
4) One of my favorites!!
5) Isn't she gorgeous?
And in an 'unprecedented' move, I plan to share my TOP favorites tomorrow. I know... it's cruel. :)

** On a completely unrelated note... my daughter asked me to "curl her hair" for her first day of preschool tomorrow!!?! Are you kidding me??? **


Duster72 said...

Car picture #2 is the winner. Great lighting, great attitude, and just enough car to be cool without being distracting. I like how it uses the car to tell a story and doesn't scream "look at my car." I would pair it up with a slightly smaller print of the "dog" picture from the first set.

Joni Streit Photography said...

Duster72, I love your insight! Thanks for commenting. :) (and I agree with your suggestion for the smaller print.... great eye.)

jana Kunz said...

Aren't these fun! Great job!!

Heather said...

Whoa..these are smokin HOT!!! Ughh..sooo wish I had images like this of myself and Hubby..maybe I should fly out to you or fly you here!! you gave them some awesome memories to look back on!