Wednesday, August 6, 2008

{Part two} :)

Here are a few more from my last session. So fun. :)

1) It is obvious the girls ADORE their big brother. I kinda think he feels the same way about them. :)

2) Soooooo big!
3) I am pretty sure this was taken during my in-depth conversation with him about the likelihood of the Colts returning to the Super Bowl this next season. I TOLD you I loved this kid! :) His eyes are amazing.
4) And we had to have a little fun. I was a little jealous. I wanted to ride in a car!!
5) We have plenty of "normal" family shots, but this one makes me giggle. This dog has the patience of a saint. I love the family "chaos" behind her but that she's just so used to it.
Thanks again, guys!

Big announcement on Thursday... you won't want to miss it. (and if you received my private email about the You-Know-What... don't delay. Seven spots were filled in the first 3 hours!)


Duster72 said...

This is your best set in a few months. Nice work.

Amy said...

These are wonderful!

Joni Streit Photography said...

Hey Duster72, you're not partial to twins are you?! :) Thanks, guys!

Duster72 said...

I might be partial to twins, but that's not what makes this set great. :)

Jana Kunz said...

These are great!

DSR said...

These are wonderful! I especially love the second one! DSR

Jen said...

Love these!