Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My new little friend...

This sweetheart was the teeny-tiniest little thing and she had a TON of energy! She kept us on our toes the whole time.... I kind of find these images (which I LOVE) a bit deceiving. The pictures appear very calm and in control. Ha! To her sweet momma, I hope you are pleasantly surprised! I was. :)
1) This is my Signature 10x20 Crop with a slight texture added for interest. I love how pure her skin looks here.
2) Love shooting from the perspective that Momma sees every morning. What a way to remember the little things about our babies!
3) It may have been 2 seconds after this shot that she made a move for my lens! :) She is F.A.S.T. But really, could you resist those eyes?
4) Love how peaceful and soft the lighting is here. So happy that we got her "being her".
5) Are you kidding me? She's like this perfect little doll. My kiddos went with me, and I have to say Carlie (my daughter) came away completely enamored with this baby!
6) Love this perspective as well. Her little world.
Thanks for looking. Leave a comment to say hello! :) I can't wait for your next session!


Jana Kunz said...

OMG, what a doll! Great job with these!

Laura said...

Fabulous perspectives on ordinary life - wonderful photos!!!!

Duster72 said...

If they don't get an 18x24 of the overhead "rug" shot, you should withhold their order.

Joni Streit Photography said...

Like we said, Duster72, "great minds..." ;) Thanks everyone!

monyeenlb said...

love those images.

ps: great shot of you. =-)

DSR said...

These are beautiful! You do a terrific job of making the ordinary look truly extraordinary!